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Receive a Giti Golf Umbrella When You Buy Giti RunFlat Tires

Receive a Giti Golf Umbrella When You Buy Giti RunFlat Tires

Running from 16 October 2023 to 31 December 2023, Giti will be giving away a Giti Golf Umbrella for every qualified purchase of at least 2 RunFlat tires from our licensed dealers in Singapore.

Aimed at providing drivers with peace of mind,  Giti RunFlat tires incorporate premium construction and a special tread design to deliver an inner support ring that is able to support the function of the vehicle in the event of a loss of tire pressure due to a puncture. The RunFlat tires temporarily extend mobility for a distance of up to 80km at a speed of up to 80km/h. 

In the event of a puncture, a normal tire without the inner support ring would experience a fast exit of air from the tire, leading to the deflation of the tire and the inoperability of the vehicle. With RunFlat tires, the reinforced structure helps to maintain the shape of the tire even at zero tire pressure, thus allowing the vehicle to continue moving to a safe location or the nearest workshop. 

However, Giti RunFlat tires don't just stop at ensuring drivability. Giti Engineers also understand that with a strong support ring, there is often a decrease in comfort due to the stiffness of the tire transferring the bumps of the road into the cabin of the vehicle. Addressing this concern in the developmental stages, Giti Engineers optimize the combination of materials and components to reduce the size of the self-supporting rubber and reduce the stiffness of the tire sidewall, thus improving riding comfort when using Giti RunFlat tires. 

Giti Tire Singapore carries a full range of sizes for the RunFlat tire, spanning 3 different tire patterns for various applications:

  1. GitiControl P10 RunFlat
  2. GitiControl P80 RunFlat
  3. Giti Control 288 RunFlat

Learn more about Giti's RunFlat tire technology here.

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