01 Nov 2023 Company Updates

Giti Tire to Supply Tires to BlueSG Fleet

Giti Tire to Supply Tires to BlueSG Fleet

Giti Tire has started the commercial fitment of the GitiComfort T20 tire to BlueSG’s Bluecar fleet. Over the next few months, an increasing number of Bluecars will be fitted with these tires.

During a 9-month trial period, both Giti and BlueSG observed positive tire lifespan mileage results. The performance and quality of the Giti tires subsequently led to a formal agreement between the two parties.

The GitiComfort T20 is notable for its robust construction that offers protection against typical road hazards. Its design, which aids in reducing noise, further enhances the driving experience, making it suitable for electric vehicles.

Giti Tire boasts a broad range of products tailored for different vehicles, from performance cars to delivery vans. With acknowledgments from international certification bodies, Giti Tire remains dedicated to delivering quality, safety, and value in its products.

On the collaboration with BlueSG, Chris Bloor, Executive Director of International Sales & Marketing for Giti Tire Group, remarked, “Our collaboration with BlueSG is a valuable step in understanding and catering to the requirements of not only electric vehicles, but successful rental car fleets as well. The insights and feedback from this engagement will be useful for technical service and product enhancements."

Giti Tire has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Indonesia and China, and offices in key regional markets around the world. This global presence is catalytic for its growth toward becoming a leading tire company in Singapore and on a global scale.


For more information on Giti Tire in Singapore, visit www.giti.com.sg.


BlueSG is a one-way car-sharing solution using electric cars in self-service. Launched in Singapore in December 2017, with the cooperation of the Land Transport Authority and the Economic Development Board, this service offers a convenient, flexible and affordable transport option for Singaporeans. It is a fully integrated solution developed by the Bolloré Group thanks to the expertise of its subsidiaries Bluecar, IER and Polyconseil, specialising in electric cars, charging infrastructures and information systems.    


For more information: https://www.bluesg.com.sg/

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