GitiComfort Series

A tire designed for performance-minded individuals with premium SUV vehicles.

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GitiComfort T29

Ultra-high mileage and durability. New technology includes reduced noise. Perfect for ride hailing vehicles and optimized for EV cars.

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GitiComfort T29

Rim Diameter
Rim Diameter
15 - 17"
Aspect Ratio
Aspect Ratio
50 - 65"
Speed Rating
Speed Rating
H - V
  • Exceptional Handling<
    Exceptional Handling
  • Wet Driving Safety<
    Wet Driving Safety
  • Energy Saving and Environmentally Friendly<
    Energy Saving and Environmentally Friendly

Tire Structure

GitiComfort-T29 GitiComfort-T29 GitiComfort-T29
Specialized Grooves on Shoulder

Level shoulder design provides more optimized vehicle control and performance

Nev-optimized Structure

Widened ribs and a thicker structure are designed to provide strong performance in Electric Vehicles, while also improving standard ones

Central Grooves

Wider grooves improve tread block rigidity and wet grip, as well as maximize comfort and silent driving

GitiComfort-T29 GitiComfort-T29 GitiComfort-T29 GitiComfort-T29 GitiComfort-T29 GitiComfort-T29 GitiComfort-T29 GitiComfort-T29

Reinforced carbon black with tiny particles and high molecule structure offer high mileage performance.

Jointless cap ply feature improves stability and safety at high speeds.

Dual wide steel belt plies with high molecular material enhance tread rigidity. Meanwhile, grip and handling is improved, while decreasing tire transformation.

Tire ply casing provides higher load capacity and sidewall strength.

New design sipes ensure the tread rigidity and decrease tire noise. Deeper optimized sipes keep the tread block and grip performance for long distance driving.

Optimized sidewall with thicker rubber protects the tire body. The rubber covering the sidewall also decrease tire wear and damage.

The optimized apex improves sidewall rigidity and offers improved handling and comfort.

High tension bead steel helps avoid tire breakage, holds inner tire pressure, and ensure the drive safety.